It just takes 21 Days….21 Day Fix

It takes 21 days to form a habit…why not start TODAY!

Are you ready to completely TRANSFORM and sculpt your body like never before?? You won’t need ANY complicated equipment — NO long hours in a crowded gym –You don’t even need to leave your house!! Sounds AMAZING.. right?

Give me just 30 minutes of your day and we’ll sculpt your body and follow a simplified clean eating meal plan in just 3 weeks. NO counting calories! NO counting points! NO starving yourself–> I focus on getting my girls EATING CLEAN for maximum results

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Meet your coach ~ Sarah Hood! That’s ME! 🙂 First of all IM EXCITED you are reading this because you have a spark of interest in this FANTASTIC program and I as a fitness junkie CAN NOT rave enough about Beachbody programs! This PiYo program is PERFECT for all levels and I’d be SO happy to have you join my group and let me coach you along your lifestyle change journey! So…a bit about me.. I’m a Mom to my precious little baby boy and a wife to my other favorite Man, my hubby! I’m a 1 Star Diamond Independent Team Beachbody Coach. I’ve been a coach for a little over a year AND I truly LOVE it! My passion is helping guide and support people in their journey’s to a healthier more active version of themselves! I want to help support people to lose weight, feel better, and become healthier. I do this by coaching those interested through challenge groups.. which is what you’re here to learn more about! I’ve helped over 300 people thought Beachbody Challenges get amazing, life changing results. This program and meal plan will be LIFE CHANGING if you can commit for 60 days with me! Feel free to ADD ME ON FACEBOOK if you’d like to chat 1 on 1 about the details of the group!


So.. how does the Accountability Group work? So what you would do to get started is order a “21 Day Challenge Pack”.  which has everything in it you need to participate in the Challenge Group.. (more on that below!) (NOTE*** I have a SPECIFIC LINK you will need to get your goodies ordered.. so PLEASE contact me before ordering.. to ensure I can get you the best deal!) Once you have your goodies.. I get you added to the private Facebook group with JUST the people doing 21 Day Fix and everyone starts Day 1 on the set date {we do a little preseason fun the week before starting with things such as meal planning, setting goals, taking before pictures/measurements, etc. } and I coach everyone through the program daily… Each morning I will post the workout of the day.. motivational stuff.. healthy recipes.. meal planning help.. nutrition info.. etc… Everyone roots for each other and motivates each other and it keeps you accountable and you’re more likely to stick with the program this way.. its fun! It goes for 21 Days… workouts are all on DVDs and just 30minutes. My challengers have gotten awesome results.. just love love love this program!!

[My personal results]

What you get in your 21 Day Fix/Fix Extreme Challenge Pack ~ 

It’s a discounted bundle package that includes: 2 DVDS with 8 different workouts a free bonus workout for ordering through me as your coach 21 Day Fix food containers an awesome meal guide to follow that teaches clean eating and proper portion control and lays out an eating plan ideas day by day a shakeology bottle and 30 day supply of Shakeology. Shakeology is a super healthy, whole foods shake you drink once daily.. SUPER delicious!!! (6 different flavors) So that will account for 30 healthy meals for the month. it’s loaded with vitamins and minerals and will give you SO much energy it also helps curb cravings so you won’t be snacking on crap foods to negate your workouts. You also get a free 21 Day Fix Tshirt at the end of the 3 weeks if you submit your before and after photos. For more info on Shakeology click HERE.  

So to summarize.. here’s what you get! 

-A complete 3 week home workout kit with DVDs -Custom clean eating meal plan designed for your challenge -30 healthy meals! ~ A 30 day supply of Shakeology!! -Your Shakeology Cup and Color Coded Portion Control Containers-ME as your personal coach -Access to my private, VIP lifetime support group -A free 21 Day Fix T-shirt or Tank (if completing Extreme) when you finish and send in your results! -30 day trial to *Beachbody on Demand* – Stream $2000 worth of workout programs right from your phone, tablet, laptop, etc!

21-day-fix-extreme 21 d f

CLICK HERE to JOIN TODAY! OR add me as a friend on facebook ( and send me a message that says “PiYo I’M IN!”

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