H2TFitness Virtual 5K

Have you ever WANTED to run a 5K?
Do you already ENJOY running 5K’s?
Running has become one of my FAVORITE things to do! It’s mentally and physically rewarding and therapeutic!
In high school I ran cross country and track. Never really ENJOYED the competitive part but I did enjoy running. After my friend and I decided to host a 5k within our community I decided it was time for ME to really start running again. So a year after having my son I started to train myself to run again. I ran pushing him in the stroller in the mornings and I ran on my own when I had the opportunity. I used a Couch to 5K program to retrain myself to run distances.

My studio started to offer Couch to 5K classes to help train anyone who had a desire to run a 5k and the support to accomplish it!

For me that RESTART and training led me to running 5ks again, which led to running 10k’s, to running a 1/2 marathons, and finally checking off a Marathon off my bucket list.
I want to spread that LOVE of have of running and that *GOAL* YOU may have! Join my Virtual Couch to 5K Training & complete a 5K on your time and earn yourself a Head to Toe Fitness FINISHER Medal!
My motto “It’s not just physical…it’s mental too” REALLY plays strong here in joining the running community! I’m your cheerleader 100%! All you have to do is submit proof of your 5k (via photo of tracking device) and you’ll receive your medal mailed directly to you!

READY to RUN!?!? Feel free to reach out with any questions by filling out this area below!

IF YOU are READY to COMMIT — LET’s DO THIS! CLICK HERE to fill out your registration form 🙂