What is Virtual Coaching?

“Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of those around you”

Are you READY?!

Why become a Virtual Coach?
WHY NOT? Is more so the question! Why wouldn’t you want to HELP others? Why wouldn’t you want to continue to HELP yourself WHILE helping others?

In my 8 months of coaching I have taken what I initially only thought was my passion hobby and created a part time business. I am a believer that I will continue to grow and succeed with the support of my Team, my dedication, my desire, MY PASSION. This has allowed me to get into the best shape I’ve ever been in, FEEL amazing and healthy, and earn extra income. I get to meet new friends and help them become better selves virtually via the internet in the comfort of their own home. I get so excited with each challenger and watching them reach for their goals AND WITH dedication, time, and determination REACHING their goals! NOTHING beats seeing someone so proud of themselves and their hard work paying off!

What is a Virtual Coach?
A motivated individual, who provides support, encouragement, and motivation to people on a daily basis to help them become the best they can be! To help them achieve the health and fitness goals they’re shooting for! I provide FREE coaching advice and support to the people who are enrolled as my customer or coach. As a coach, my job is to help you set realistic and achievable goals. We work together to get you on the right path to be successful and to get started working towards those goals. I am an open ear with an open heart to everyone’s story and need!

I absolutely LOVE running accountability & support challenge groups! These groups are all done via Facebook or via a downloadable APP. I LOVE to use Beachbody fitness programs they’re one of my biggest TOOLS in my personal and coaching toolbox. It’s the NETFLIX of FITNESS! 1000’s of workouts for every one person out there! I’m also a HUGE promoter of drinking Shakeology to jumpstart the CLEAN EATING journey, and everyone who follows through with their commitment to themselves and the challenge team WILL see changes within themselves.  I offer my support in all aspects –> the daily workouts, meal planning, food shopping, staying engaged and on track. THIS is my passion-I can’t get enough of it!

As I continue to grow my business I am paying it forward. I help my coaches that have joined my team with duplication. I do this through team calls, our coach support group, and private chats. There is no greater feeling in the world than seeing more and more people succeed in this journey!!! I know the excitement and how awesome it feels and WANT others to feel that too!

WHAT THIS JOB ISN’T –> A Get Rich Quick Scheme. It is hard work and you get out the effort you put in. So if you aren’t willing to put in the time and effort you aren’t going to succeed. Are you ready to change your life and the lives of countless others? What are you waiting for?

Our Team:
Team as defined~To come together as a team to achieve a common goal~ AND that is US. We are a group, squad, FAMILY working together to help others become the best they can be-that is our common goal! We train together and grow each day from each other! Beachbody programs and products (in my eyes) CAN’T be beat and WE as a team can help others see the potential benefits that they can have to ANYONE who wants it enough! Beachbody has changed MY life and it can change YOURS too! Together as a team we can shoot for the moon! Join our team today…no…JOIN the Family!

I only claim that this works because I myself am living proof along with the challengers I have coached! Dedication & Determination. With a healthy lifestyle that is based upon the principles of eating whole natural foods and regular exercise, you can be successful! I do promote Beachbody Fitness programs and supplements because they work! If you follow the laid out plans then you will get the results that you are looking for!


*I own a fitness studio and am an AFAA certified instructor. Fitness is my passion. I have never felt better since adding Virtual Coaching into my life. I’m not trying to sell you that miracle pill, extreme diet, or a whole lot of vitamins you probably don’t need, this is for real. Reaching your goals isn’t easy, you have to work for it!! JUST like anything else in life! EARN the rewards!

*I continue to self improve with each workout I personally challenge myself with! I have increased confidence in all aspects of my life and I have been in the best health and fitness condition I have seen myself be in.

*I can help YOU get in the best shape of your life! With dedication and determination, you can succeed!

SOOO… are you ready to join the team and change your life!? CLICK this Coach Video to see more AND please don’t hesitate to contact me at coachsarahhood@gmail.com or on facebook and send me a message! I’d love to hear from you!

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