H2T Fitness Studio Classes & Descriptions

Current Class Schedule — Currently NO Classes offered at this time (as of 1/3/19)

Monday 9AM* Forever Fit (Seniors & Beginners Class)

Monday 6pm PiYo LIVE (w/ Jeannie)

Tuesday 5:15pm* AquaFit FREE CLASS at the Town of Colchester Pool

Tuesday 6pm Dance-Tone {Total Body Conditioning (w/ Sarah)}

Wednesday 4:45pm* Fun & Fit Kids Club
(Parent/Guardian interactive Class with Child)
Ages 2-4 -Currently a Summer Session Only

Wednesday 5:45pm Yoga-Flow (w/ Sarah)
[Yoga class is held outdoors at the local Covered Bridge Park on Bridge Street
during the Summer-Fall Session as weather permits]

Thursday 5:15pm* AquaFit FREE CLASS at the Town of Colchester Pool

Thursday 6pm Balls & Bands {Total Body Conditioning (w/ Sarah)}

Friday 5:45AM* Rebound (mini trampoline class w/ Sarah)

 *30minute Class



$8 per class OR $6.50 per class if you take more than one a week
PAYMENT for FULL Session required for this cost/class

(ie. 6 weeks of ‘Get Fit’ 1 class/wk =$48 ~ 6 weeks of  ‘Get Fit’ 2 classes/wk =$78)

$5 for 30 min classes
(6 week session=$30)

$10 for DROP IN Class

*Payment is due at the start of each session for the
full 6 week session!*
*Payment is as above UNLESS otherwise noted for the specific offered class*

*Payments accepted: Cash or Check
(Made out to Sarah Hood or Head to Toe Fitness Studio)*

*All students must have prearranged transportation to and from location of class*

*Parental Consent is required for all students under the age of 18!*

*Please understand that I am unable to give refunds but am more than willing to help fit you into a makeup class**Makeups are to made up within the current session and immediate following session*

Class Descriptions:

Fitness Classes Designed for all levels, Male or Female, ages 18months and up!

‘Get Fit‘-Stations: A 45 minute Head to Toe workout incorporating various pieces of equipment (hand held weights, balls, tubes, & more). This workout focuses on muscular strength as well as endurance and will increase definition without building bulk. This class is run in stations so at each station each individual can give it ALL they’ve got! Great class for ALL LEVELS!

Rebound: 30 or 45 minute cardio class incorporating intervals on and off the rebounder (mini trampoline). Offering Cardio Core & Kickin’ Cardio. Raise your heart rate and join in on a fun calorie burning full of energy workout.

Cardio Blast & Tone: 45 minute cardio class structured with intense cardio intervals focusing on getting ones heart rate up for maximum calorie burning potential with toning exercises in between.

321 Get Fit: 30 minute cardio and strength focused class. Following the 321 format (3minutes of strength, 2minutes of cardio, 1minute of core) you’ll go through 3 circuits of strength exercises, cardio exercises, and total core engagement exercises. Short and Sweet and to the point! No Excuses-Just Results!

Forever-Fit:A 30minute conditioning class for Seniors and/or very basic beginners.

Target & Tone-

Hard Core: 45 minute class placing a focus on ones core. Any exercise that uses the trunk of your body without support counts as a core exercise. Weak core muscles leave you susceptible to poor posture, lower back pain and possible injuries. Strengthening ones core can significantly improve your body posture, strength, and balance- overall making you feel stronger and feeling great! This class will go through a variety of core exercises and finish off with a thorough stretch and cool down.

Guns, Gut, & Buns: The name says it all! A 45 minute class that place’s a strict focus on ones arms, core, and glutes.

Ab Blast:15 minute Ab Blast -targeting specifically our ABS-it will be a floor based core class.This is offered as an OPTIONAL add-on to a Get Fit class. It will be $1 more each class(I.e. 1 Get Fit a week +$6/session).

Hip Hop Hard ‘Core’:

A FUN -Energetic- Core class focused around the Latest Music Hits & incorporating Hip-Hop dance moves for a FUN Core workout. You will not even know you are working out!

Yoga-Tone: This class will incorporate strengthening and toning one’s body through stretch and postural challenges. The word “yoga,” loosely translated from the Sanskrit language, means “union” . Yoga poses involve a combination of stretching, breathing and mental relaxation (meditation). Yoga-Tone will help you build strength, flexibility and balance- a great mental workout and full-body workout!

Yoga-Flow: Yoga-Flow incorporates traditional Yoga Poses with gentle rhythmic/dance-like movement flowing from one Yoga pose to another. Connecting and finding ones balance with their body, breath, and the flowing movement makes it a great class to strengthen and lengthen ones muscles, improve flexibility, and just find serenity within oneself!
Power Yoga: Incorporating Yoga Poses and utilizing ones own body weight for a total body workout while focusing on breath and balance- receiving the benefits of a Yoga class and a Total Body workout!

Yogalates on the Ball: Yoga + Pilates using the large physio balls for a GREAT workout! This is low impact- you engage your ENTIRE body- all done in a 30minute workout!

Zumba: Latin inspired dance fitness class loaded with great music and fun cardio dance routines! A fun cardio workout!

Dance-Tone: A fusion of cardio exercise & dance—Loaded with a variety of dance styles/mini routines (Hip Hop, Country, Ballet, Latin-inspired, Sassy Jazz & more) incorporated into a fun total body workout! Burn calories and tone up while having a fun time! No dance experience required -just an open mind and desire to ‘Get Fit’ and have fun doing it!

Hard ‘Core’ Boot Camp:

Combining some KICK BUTT Cardio moves with some challenging Horizontal moves to engage and challenge your entire core. For those of you who want to be pushed with some hard core cardio (get ones heart rate up for maximum calorie burning potential ) and ‘hard core‘ exercises (strengthen ones entire core) THIS IS the class for you! A 45 minutes class -warm up- 30mins Hard Core interval workout- cool down and stretch! * *Intermediate level*

Booty Beat (Flirty Girl Fitness™):

Is cardio-dance exercise with interval & strenght training, flexibility and agility all rolled into a class of popular dance moves. Flirty Girl Fitness™ -Booty Beat- not only does it offer cardio-intensive choreography featuring Flirty Girl’s Foundation Moves, but it also requires the participants to focus on working multiple muscle groups through “focused choreography”. In each Booty Beat class, participants will experience dances focused on using the upper body, core, lower body, and elevating the heart rate even further to create cardio training intervals-designed to make participants forget they are working out.

Fun & Fit Kids Club (Quarterly Membership)–> Classes full of fun :o) Your young one will be participating and learning basic exercise moves, fun exercise inspired games, dance-tone routines, and basic tumble skills. Your young ones wont even know that they’re exercising.

Fun & Fit Tumble-Fit: A class offered to children ages 5-9. Your child will learn basic beginners tumbling skills, increase flexibility, and coordination. What a better way for your young one to socialize with other children, be active, and have a fun time. (30 min.)

Fun & Fit Mommy (or Daddy) & Me Tumble-Fit: A class offered to young ones with their parent or guardian (ages 18months-4). With support from their parent/guardian one will learn beginners tumbling skills, increase flexibility, and coordination ALONG with socializing with other children & adults, being active, and having a fun time! :o) (30min)

Fun & Fit Dance-Tone:A class offered to children of ages 5-9. Your child will  participate in fun, energetic, mini-dance routines. What a great way to socialize with other children and have a BLAST doing it!

*All classes are 45 minutes long unless noted otherwise*

Each class begins with a warm up and ends with a cool-down. This warm-up prepares the body for the more vigorous workout and helps with overall performance and decreases the risk of injury. The cool-down allows the body to return to it’s normal state.

‘Get Fit for a Cause’

‘Get Fit for a Cause’ is PROUD to announce that over $900 has been donated to a local family and organizations in need since the start of ‘Get Fit for a Cause’ (Spring 2012)!

Growing up in Downsville I feel it has always been a tight-knit community. I’ve enjoyed giving back to the community through my classes at my fitness studio but now I’d like to do even more! I’ve decided to start a ‘Get Fit for a Cause’ fund.

Any ‘Open’ community classes at Head to Toe Fitness will be ‘Donation Classes’. There will be no set charge to come take the class-just asking a free will monetary donation of any amount.

All donations will go towards helping local persons, families, groups, organizations, etc.