Opinions…everyone has them

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Opinions. Letter O. #Letteroftheday.

Oh how opinions can really make an impact on WHO you are. 


They can impact your day to day choices. They can stop you or encourage you. 


Here’s the thing. –> Run your own race! Except that you can’t win everyone over. You can’t make everyone happy. You can’t #betrue and #beyou or really be free UNTIL you’re free from trying to appease everyone else. 


If people don’t understand you – IT IS OK- they ARE NOT YOU! They can have their opinions BUT you can have yours too! 


I was listening to a book by Joel Osteen and he talked of this story:
[There’s a story about an old man, a boy and a donkey on their way to town.


The boy rode on the donkey and the old man walked. As they went along they passed some people who remarked it was a shame the boy was riding, making the old man walk. The man and boy thought maybe the critics were right, so they changed positions.


Later, they passed some people that remarked, “What a shame that the man makes a little boy walk.” So they then decided they both would walk!


Soon they passed some more people who thought they were stupid to walk when they had a perfectly good donkey to ride. So, they both rode the donkey.


At length they passed yet another group of people, who shamed them by saying how awful it was of them to put such a heavy load on a poor little donkey. The boy and man said they were probably right, so they decided to carry the donkey.


As they crossed over a bridge, they lost their grip on the donkey. He fell into the river and drowned.


The moral of the story: If you try to please everyone, you might as well kiss your donkey (or whatever else you call it) good-bye!!]
–“Everyone has an opinion. If you try to please every person, the one person that will not be happy is you. And it’s funny; sometimes the people who are trying to run your life can’t even run their own. It’s good to get advice. It’s good to listen to opinions, but you’ve got to be confident enough in who God made you to be that when something doesn’t bear witness with your spirit, you have a boldness to say, “Thanks, but no thanks. I love you. I appreciate your advice, but this time, it’s not for me.” -{Joel Osteen}

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I am 35 yrs. old -a Wife and Mother to a Beautiful Boy and my Rainbow Baby Girl. I am a dance and fitness instructor. I own a fitness studio where I offer a variety of fitness classes in the evenings. I recently have become a FULL TIME Fitness Coach after 3+ years of working as a Day Care Assistant after having my Son and leaving my Emotionally Taxing Case Management Position. Fitness is my passion! I love to work out on my own AND with others! Throughout my both of my pregnancies I continued to work out on my own and with Beachbody programs, live my dream of being a work from home mom (for most of the day), and teach at my studio (and other locations) in the evening. After the birth of my son I have worked hard to get my pre-preg. body back. Shaun T's T25 was initial program and then Tony's P90X3 BOTH which I loved the short affective times because with having a newborn baby that was EXACTLY what I needed. I know and understand the self discipline it takes to achieve your desired goals and I am still on that path and have my struggles as everyone else does! I love to offer my support to my clientele with group fitness classes I offer in my community and I feel we work as a team all together to HELP each other. I LOVE offering my support via the web too as I REACH other people that I can't physically see. IT IS AMAZINGLY rewarding and I can't imagine NOT doing what I do! Im currently on my postpartum journey once again and so GRATEFUL and BLESSED to live this healthy lifestyle, lead by example for my family, and support others on their journey too!

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