Don’t judge! 

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Clarification post…as someone said it to me OTHERS must be thinking it…right? 

I’m proud to say that being a Fitness Coach is something I’m confident being AND truly feel it’s my soul job! The first thought that comes to my mind when I say “I’m a fitness coach and I host online fitness accountability groups…Up for a challenge? Want to join me!” IS the thought of lives changing. 

-People taking 1 step towards living a healthier lifestyle! 

-Maybe they’ll be able to chase their kids & grandkids around a bit more or easier then they could before

-Maybe they’ll pull themselves from their self hatred and learn to LOVE themselves 

-Maybe they’ll be able to stop or avoid medical interventions -MAYBE they’ll be able to avoid surgeries (LIKE MYSELF Ive completely avoided the need for back surgery AND NO longer the need for steroid injections for pain management!!)

-& so many more reasons!!

These are all reasons I KNOW of as I’ve heard them from my challengers in my group! 

The LAST thing that comes to my mind is ‘taking people’s money to advance in a pyramid scheme’. 

I build my team under good morals that I stand for! Honesty and humility. 

Those that feel that way obviously don’t really know what it is I do…the time and energy I give…and the sweat and tears that I share. 

WE are in this together and IM not here to take anything from anyone! So have a better understanding for WHO I am and what WE stand for because I PROMISE the biggest payout in this for me is seeing the happiness and results from those who I coach!! 

It goes back to that simple little saying we learned in elementary school-don’t judge a book by its cover!

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I am 35 yrs. old -a Wife and Mother to a Beautiful Boy and my Rainbow Baby Girl. I am a dance and fitness instructor. I own a fitness studio where I offer a variety of fitness classes in the evenings. I recently have become a FULL TIME Fitness Coach after 3+ years of working as a Day Care Assistant after having my Son and leaving my Emotionally Taxing Case Management Position. Fitness is my passion! I love to work out on my own AND with others! Throughout my both of my pregnancies I continued to work out on my own and with Beachbody programs, live my dream of being a work from home mom (for most of the day), and teach at my studio (and other locations) in the evening. After the birth of my son I have worked hard to get my pre-preg. body back. Shaun T's T25 was initial program and then Tony's P90X3 BOTH which I loved the short affective times because with having a newborn baby that was EXACTLY what I needed. I know and understand the self discipline it takes to achieve your desired goals and I am still on that path and have my struggles as everyone else does! I love to offer my support to my clientele with group fitness classes I offer in my community and I feel we work as a team all together to HELP each other. I LOVE offering my support via the web too as I REACH other people that I can't physically see. IT IS AMAZINGLY rewarding and I can't imagine NOT doing what I do! Im currently on my postpartum journey once again and so GRATEFUL and BLESSED to live this healthy lifestyle, lead by example for my family, and support others on their journey too!

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