Oil Pulling….

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Ok. So recently as I went away with some fabulous friends I heard some girls talking about oil pulling while we stood in an elevator heading to our destination. I’ve heard of the ‘swish coconut oil in your month’ thing BUT thought it was probably just a trend AND always heard the ‘ugh it’s gross’ after the comment. I never bothered trying it because, well honestly, I didn’t want to waste my coconut oil and be gagging. But the other 2 friends I was with mentioned they both do it and they don’t find it gross at all. Sooooo I thought ‘what the heck’ let’s try this. [A tip a friend gave me was to put in mouth and swish was getting ready to leave in AM- BAM multitasking at it’s best!]

So I read up on it and tried it.

It’s supposed to actually PULL the bad bacteria etc from your mouth-helping against gingivitis, plaque, & microorganisms that cause bad breath. “Cells are covered with a lipid, or fatty, membrane, which is the cells skin. When these cells come into contact with oil, a fat, they naturally adhere to each other”. “This oral therapy dates back 3,000yrs” -Jessica T Emery, DMD.

To start, scoop ½ to 1 full tablespoon of oil into the mouth; if it’s cold, allow the oil to melt. Now push, swirl, and pull the oil between your teeth, around your gums, and allow it to touch every part of your mouth except your throat. They say you don’t want the oil getting in contact with your throat because it’s now carrying the ‘BAD stuff too’ soooo No gargling!

Once your time pulling is over, spit into the trash not the sink — the oil could solidify and clog your drain.

It wasn’t a bad experience! I started with tsp and did it for 5 minutes or so because my son wanted something from me and I couldn’t talk to him while swishing haha. I will work up the tbsp. and longer time frame lol

SO give it a try!

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I am 35 yrs. old -a Wife and Mother to a Beautiful Boy and my Rainbow Baby Girl. I am a dance and fitness instructor. I own a fitness studio where I offer a variety of fitness classes in the evenings. I recently have become a FULL TIME Fitness Coach after 3+ years of working as a Day Care Assistant after having my Son and leaving my Emotionally Taxing Case Management Position. Fitness is my passion! I love to work out on my own AND with others! Throughout my both of my pregnancies I continued to work out on my own and with Beachbody programs, live my dream of being a work from home mom (for most of the day), and teach at my studio (and other locations) in the evening. After the birth of my son I have worked hard to get my pre-preg. body back. Shaun T's T25 was initial program and then Tony's P90X3 BOTH which I loved the short affective times because with having a newborn baby that was EXACTLY what I needed. I know and understand the self discipline it takes to achieve your desired goals and I am still on that path and have my struggles as everyone else does! I love to offer my support to my clientele with group fitness classes I offer in my community and I feel we work as a team all together to HELP each other. I LOVE offering my support via the web too as I REACH other people that I can't physically see. IT IS AMAZINGLY rewarding and I can't imagine NOT doing what I do! Im currently on my postpartum journey once again and so GRATEFUL and BLESSED to live this healthy lifestyle, lead by example for my family, and support others on their journey too!

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